Working at BookPeople of Moscow

We're looking for a part-time bookseller available on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, for either a 12-6pm shift or 2-6pm shift, with the potential to work all day on Sundays 9am-4pm. We will review applications in June and early July, and contact potential hires for further information or interview scheduling in late July. (updated 5/25/24)

If you would like to submit your application, please fill out the form here before submitting it electronically. We ask for: information about you; your relevant skills, experiences, and education; three references with full contact info for each; what you are reading; you to tell us about something you've read that you loved; your availability; why you want to work at BookPeople of Moscow; how you've handled a difficult work interaction/experience in the past; and when you want us to discard your application in the future. We recommend preparing this information separately before beginning the form, as there is not an option to "save" a partially completed application. 

Please note that unless you are already a customer with login credentials for this website, you will first have to create an account and log in. To create an account, simply click on the menu item above: "My Account."

Thank you!