Used Books

BookPeople has a section of used books located throughout the store, mostly on the bottom shelves, cared for by volunteers. They are organized by subject matter and the fiction is alphabetized by author. Book prices are marked inside the front cover. We do not have our used books in our inventory system. Used books either have a small sticker on them somewhere or have a mark through the barcode. If you find a book in the used section that does not have a price inside or any other marking, it might not really be a used book and the price will be as marked on the book by the publisher.

Proceeds from our used book sales are for charitable and community purposes. Therefore, we do not buy used books or offer any store credit for them. We are happy to take your donations of used books, anytime, that are in good condition and not smoky, smelly, or covered with cat hair. If we can't use them at the store we will pass them on to other charitable organizations or recycle them if necessary.

If you are interested in getting cash or credit for your used books, please visit Brused Books in Pullman.

What kind of charitable and community purposes do we support with the sales of used books?

•We assist teachers in getting books for their classrooms and schools in getting books for their libraries.

•We support local arts organizations and events such as the Renaissance Fair and Rendezvous in the Park.

•We underwrite the cost of selling tickets and offering box office services for many local organizations and non-profits.

•We fund literary events and host author appearances in the community, and we foster literacy by offering free storytimes and other programming for children and adults.

•We donate meeting space in the back of the store for all kinds of community groups.

Please consider donating your used books to BookPeople to help support these activities.