Ticket Sales at BookPeople

BookPeople is happy to be able to offer the community service of selling tickets for all kinds of events around the Palouse region.

Customers should be aware that if an organization chooses to sell their tickets themselves instead of using BookPeople, that is not something that BookPeople of Moscow can control. Some organizations may have used BookPeople to sell their tickets in the past, but no longer do so.

We can handle almost any type of ticket but here are some general guidelines that must be followed:

1) Tickets must be delivered to BookPeople BEFORE any publicity, posters, underwriting messages, press releases, or word of mouth begins advertising that your tickets are available for sale at BookPeople. Due to the angry customers that result when advertising begins before tickets are delivered, organizations that do not strictly abide by this guideline will not be welcome to sell tickets at BookPeople in the future.

2) Tickets must be numbered, with prices clearly marked. Multiple prices are allowed for general admission, seniors, students, etc. Please let us know if prices will be higher at the door, or if tickets are not going to be available at the door, etc.

3) Tickets will be entered into our inventory system and customers will pay BookPeople, not your organization. In this way we can carefully track sales of your tickets and all money collected for them. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. After the event is over, you must provide BookPeople with your mailing address and a friendly reminder via email to reimburse you for ticket sales, and a check will be issued to your organization that will cover all the ticket sales, after we run the monthly ticket sales report at the end of the month.

4) All organizations, non-profit and for-profit, will be charged 5% commission on ticket sales to help cover our considerable expenses related to providing box office services, including credit card charges and staff time.

5) An organization contact name and phone number must be provided on the ticket envelope so that we can reach you in case of questions or if tickets run low.

6) We are happy to help advertise your event when we are selling your tickets. Please provide us via email with all the event details, as well as posters, fliers, and digital web-ready images that we can post on our website and Facebook page. We also ask that you include our full store name, address, and logo when you are advertising on posters that we are carrying your tickets. Please email us to request a print-quality and/or web-ready logo.

7) Because, despite the commission, we are absorbing the considerable costs of ticketselling for so many non-profit organizations in the community by donating credit card fees, equipment, and staff time and wages, we are not able to afford to pay cash for placing ads in programs for non-profit organizations' events in addition to selling tickets. We do expect ad space or a "thanks to our sponsor" listing to be provided to us at no cost in your program or newsletter in exchange for our box office services. Please do not request further sponsorship as we simply do not have the resources to donate cash or merchandise.

Thank you!