Special Orders

BookPeople's shelves aren't big enough to hold every book in the world...so we submit orders every single day to make sure we get the books our customers want as quickly as possible. In bookstore lingo it's a "special order," making it sound like something unusual, but in reality it's what we do all the time, as a special service for everyone! We handle order processing personally, even through the website, so if you have any questions, you'll always be able to talk to a person who is right here at the store.

For the best service, please place special orders in person at the store, over the phone, or use this website to special order your books. The search field is at the top of the page just underneath our logo. If you found the book on another website such as Amazon, we encourage you to cut and paste the 13 digit ISBN from that site into our search box to take you directly to what you need. Be sure you've chosen the correct edition, there are all kinds of editions available for some books including e-books. Be forewarned: many editions of books are listed on Amazon that are not actually legally available in the United States (think in terms of a paperback edition of a book published in the UK that was just released in the US in hardcover only), and we might not be able to get those for you. 

We ship books every day, and do free local delivery for homebound customers (due to illness, injury, or mobility issues) within the Moscow city limits. We can also ship books directly for you to their destination, saving you the hassle of wrapping it and then standing in line at the post office. Gift wrapping is available for free, and you can include a gift message with the book.

If a special order is the process of being reprinted, or is difficult to find, out of print, out of stock, self-published, or from a very small publisher, it might take several weeks to arrive. If the book is not available from our usual distributors, will will get the details of the book you want, do some research, and get back to you about the cost and estimated arrival date. Full prepayment will be required for special orders that we can not obtain from our usual distributors. Special orders are not returnable for any reason, except manufacturing defects. 

We do not charge extra for shipping for special orders picked up in the store, except in very rare circumstances, such as you needing it shipped extra quickly.