Selling Books at Your Event

BookPeople can sell books at your event, whether it is a presentation or a speech, a meeting or a conference, with book offerings tailored to your needs and your audience. We do not charge for this service, neither is it a way for you to earn any money. It is simply a nice thing to offer to your attendees and a great way to round out a program, especially if the guest speaker has a book that they'd like to promote.

Please discuss your event with us at least 6 weeks in advance so that we can 1) determine if we will be able to accommodate your request and 2) have time to order the books and schedule staff for the event. We will handle sales tax collection and payment, set up and tear down, and provide the staff person to sell the books. You will not be responsible for buying the books nor selling the books, and of course we will take back any unsold books.

If you are interested in earning money by selling books at your event yourself, and you order the books through BookPeople, we will be able, in most cases, to offer you a 20% to 25% discount off the retail price. This allows you to sell the books at retail, thus earning 20% to 25% of each book sold.

To order books for your event, you must provide the title, author, and ISBN number to us, and books must be paid for at the time of ordering. You will be responsible for any sales taxes you might owe on your sales, and for picking up the books when they arrive. Delivery is available for a modest fee. Unsold books will not be returnable to BookPeople, unless you make confirmed arrangements with us ahead of time, and there will be a restocking fee assessed on any returns, based on the restocking fees our suppliers charge us.

Please discuss your event with us 6 to 8 weeks in advance, at least, in order to insure that your books will arrive in time. Thank you!