Schools and Businesses

BookPeople of Moscow has been serving the needs of the region's schools and business community for over forty years. Now we are greatly improving upon our old record by providing a new variety of services that are convenient and time- and money-saving.

In the majority of cases (some books aren't discountable, but most are) we are able to offer a 20% discount to schools, churches, institutions, and businesses when purchasing multiple books at a time. To receive a price quote for a book order you can email us the book list with the title, author, and ISBN (13 digit) clearly listed, or you can submit it via our website.

To get a price quote:

1) Sign up for a customer account

2) Use the new book search box on right side of our webpages to find the books you want and fill your cart (you can search using title, author, ISBN, keywords, etc.)

3) Submit the order/quote request using the "purchase order" payment option. We will then provide you a price quote that incorporates all the discounts we can offer, allowing you to modify the order and give it final approval, before we process the approved order for fulfillment. Don't worry - any order submitted using the purchase order option is NOT final until we get an approved price quote back from you and a purchase order #.

We can help businesses attract new customers, reward loyal customers, provide employee professional development opportunities, or develop their resource libraries through our "business to business" discounted book sales program.  If you're planning to give books away, tell us when submitting the order and we can probably give you an even better discount than 20%, depending on the quantity purchased.

We can help school librarians and teachers make the most of their budgets and time by compiling recommended buying lists and purchase quotes. Just consult with us about your needs!

We will always deliver school and business orders if needed.

Schools or school support organizations and businesses with a website can sign up to become a BookPeople of Moscow on-line affiliate. You earn 5% on any online sale that comes to us through your website. Visit for more information and to sign up.

For further information about how we can help you as a business, non-profit, school, or educator, please email us directly at bookpeoplemanager at Thank you!