The New York Times daily and Sunday papers are available at BookPeople of Moscow every day, barring any unforeseen circumstances. You can buy them individually at the cover price, or you can pay in advance for 6 months at a time and benefit from a big price discount off the cover prices of $2.50 weekday and $6 Sunday.

Prices are:

All seven days: $369

Sunday only: $119

Monday - Saturday: $289

Monday - Friday: $239

Any one weekday: $49 (choose up to 4)

Subscription periods run from January 1 - June 30, and from July 1 - December 31. To sign up, please submit your order before the beginning of the next subscription period.

Please note that this prepay deal is not an official NYT home subscription and therefore does not include online access to the New York Times or home delivery. We will hold your papers for a maximum of 2 weeks. If you don't pick up your paper within 2 weeks, or if the paper does not arrive for any reason (weather, delivery error, truck breakdown etc.) there will be no refunds, credit, or extensions. Please do not ask for custom subscription periods. With this good of a deal we have to keep it simple.

Very occasionally BookPeople is closed for a holiday such as Memorial Day or Christmas. If possible we will have subscriber papers available at the front door of the store when we are closed, but if this is not possible we will hold the papers until the next business day.


Seven days a week $369

Sunday only $119

Monday - Saturday $289

Monday - Friday $239

Any one weekday (up to 4) $49 each

When choosing weekdays, please put # of days desired in the cart, and indicate which days in the comments field when you are paying for your order.