Meeting Area

In the back of the store we have a table and chairs that are available for various and sundry uses. The space can be cozy (behind the chalk board) or spacious. The space's main purpose is for book club meetings, foreign language conversation groups, children's storytimes and programs, author readings, and bookstore events.

Bookstore events get first dibs on this space, but when we don't have anything scheduled, perhaps it will be of use to you or your group. If you drop in and no one's there feel free to sit down to read a book or work on your laptop - being aware that something else might be scheduled and you'll have to move eventually. If you are interested in using the space for a group please email us directly to discuss the possibilities. Depending on the purpose and sponsor of the event, the space is free or might be available for a fee. We haven't yet felt the need to create an application form for use of this space but if it gets to that point, please don't hold that against us.