Jeff P. Jones

JEFF P. JONES's ancestors were sharecroppers in east Texas. He was born in Denver, and was educated at the University of Colorado at Denver, the University of Washington, and the University of Idaho. He’s a MacDowell Fellow, and his writing has won a Pushcart Prize, as well as the Hackney, Meridian Editors', A. David Schwartz, Wabash, and Lamar York prizes. He lives on the Palouse in northern Idaho. Love Give Us One Death is his first book. His short story collection BLOODSHOT STORIES will be released from Sunshot Press in 2018.

Love Give Us One Death: Bonnie and Clyde in the Last Days Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781680030976
Published: Texas Review Press - October 25th, 2016

Bonnie and Clyde are the most famous outlaw pair in American history, children of the Dust Bowl, illicit lovers whose criminal run inspired fear and admiration in a country desperate for antiheroes. Their bloody path, spoking outward from their family homes in Dallas, ranged across the Southwest, the desiccated southern plains, and the Midwest.