Holiday Season Ordering

We know it's important to you to get the books you want for your loved ones during the holiday season. We'll do our best for you, we promise. Here is some information to know about holiday orders in 2022:

  1. Whenever we get an order for a book, we always try to get it from Ingram, our main supplier, first. Ingram serves us from warehouses in Roseburg, Oregon, and LaVergne, Tennessee.

  2. We always order from Ingram every weekday without fail; during the holiday season we place orders daily including weekends.

  3. Ingram processes and ships orders every weekday. Sometimes our local shipper in Spokane (not UPS or FEDEX) consolidates shipments so we don't receive them each weekday, but rather several times during the week.

  4. If Ingram does not have it at either Roseburg or TN warehouses, then we check with the publisher to see if they have it available directly. If they do have it, we put it on order, but those orders come less frequently due to order minimums. We do order from publishers more frequently during the holiday season to help speed up arrival times, and some publishers such as Penguin Random House go into quick shipping mode which speeds up their order processing, which we appreciate. We don't have any control over how overwhelmed the UPS and FEDEX systems are, which is how our publisher orders are shipped.

  5. If the publisher is waiting for a reprint - which are taking forever these days due to paper shortages, labor shortages, and the closure of some printers overseas - we try to see if we can get the book from another dealer via a third party dealer website, and we work on these orders several times a week.

  6. During the holiday season we monitor special orders daily and communicate immediately with you to let you know if it appears that something is not going to make it by around Dec 21. If your order needs to arrive by a certain date earlier than that, just let the staff know when you are placing the order and we will make a note in the order, and keep you posted. If something isn't going to make it by the need-by date, we can always help you find something else, or at least give you an idea of the ETA so you can decide how you'd like to proceed.

  7. If you are shipping your gifts that are books, you might be interested in direct to home shipping from the warehouse; we can offer this service with giftwrapping; we just have to know the name, address, and telephone number of the recipient. You can pay extra for expedited freight such as 3 day or 2 day via UPS and also include a gift message. If you'd like to do direct to home ordering, please contact Carol at

Thank you for your support throughout the year and during the holiday season! We can't be here without you!