Historic BookPeople Photos

Watch a news video here from 1999 about the human chain moving books from the original location between the theaters to its present location at 521 S Main! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNSVoEHZjog
Storefront of BookPeople in its original location at 512 S. Main, Moscow, between the theatres.
Photo courtesy of Betty Deveraux and Marsha Schoeffler. 
Booksigning ad for Diana Armstrong, 1980. Courtesy of Marsha Schoeffler.
BookPeople advertisement, 1977, courtesy of Marsha Shoeffler.
Interior of original BookPeople at 512 S. Main, in the 1970s. Libby Davison, pictured, worked as book buyer.
Photo by Mary Giddings, who also worked at BookPeople.
This photo and the following 4 photos courtesy of Mary Giddings and Marsha Shoeffler.
Elizabeth (Libby) Davison in 1976. She worked at BookPeople from 1974 - 1981. Listen to her November 2013 interview by clicking on this link: https://db.tt/WDEoQuqn
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