H.C. Strom and Dennis D. Montoya present Over the Dragonwall

The Dragonwall's magic is failing and the call for a hero goes unaswered.

A thousand years ago the gods brokered a peace treaty with the dragons to save mankind. As a monument, the magic Dragonwall was built stretching from the Dwarven city of Farreach to the port city of Seareach. Over generations, the great dragon's stories have turned to myths and the treaty forgotten.

Oberon, a young monk and his friends leave the city of Delvingdeep to answer the riddle of the existence of dragons. No one expected a shortcut through a swamp would ever lead them on a heroic adventure over the Dragonwall.

Dennis D Montoya grew up in the state of Washington, and started gaming and writing short stories in high school. After two enlistments in the military, he went to college. He is happily married and works as a registered nurse. He enjoys gaming, photography, and spending quality time with his wife, Colleen.

H.C. "Hank" Strom grew up in Alaska then attended high school and college in the state of Washington, where he now resides. He works for an electrical manufacturing company. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, and the company of his friends and family.

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ISBN: 9781942602002
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Published: Dennis Montoya - December 26th, 2014

The Dragonwall's magic is failing and the call for a hero goes unanswered.