Growing up right

Coming up on Sunday afternoon, Jesica will be meeting with two groups of amazing local kids and teenagers, our advisory boards. They get together once a month to discuss the books they've been reading, which have been supplied to them in "advance reader copy" or uncorrected proof form by our publisher friends before the books are officially published.

The members of the groups benefit by getting their hands on new books before anybody else; if you've ever waited for the next book in a series you love, you'll know how special that can be. They also write reviews that we share with the public and the authors themselves on Facebook. Very often the authors write back, and sometimes, we even convince them to come to Moscow for a visit, as we did recently with Jennifer Niven, author of the young adult novel, All the Bright Places, now on the New York Times bestseller list.

Jesica was a teacher in one of her previous careers and she is the perfect person to talk with the kids about which books they've loved and which they've hated, and why. We benefit from this, too, by getting a better idea of what our younger customers want to buy. But the biggest benefit is just getting to hang out with thoughtful and enthusiastic readers who love books as much as we do. They continually surprise us with their intelligence, kindness, and passion.

The advisory boards are full but we'll let you know if that changes. You can see reviews by our advisory board members here on our website, and we welcome reviews from anyone, whether they're a member of our advisory board or not.

Thanks to our customers who make this program possible!