Frequently Asked Questions During COVID-19 Closure

I read the New York Times almost every day. What will I do?

As long as the paper carrier delivers the papers each day to BookPeople of Moscow, the papers will be made available on the honor system outside the front door of the store between 10am and 4pm. When you would like to purchase a paper, please disinfect your hands first using the wipes available, then use a clean pen to write your name, phone #, and email address on the sheet of paper on the clipboard. Put the used pen in the mug for dirty pens, replace the clipboard, and wipe down the table with the wipe and dispose of it in the bucket below. Then you can take your paper. If you have a gift card at the store we will use that to charge you for the paper. If your gift card runs out we will notify you that it's time to add more to it, which can be done over the phone. If you do not have a gift card at the store, we'll contact you to get that set up to cover your purchase that day and for future paper purchases.