The Giving Tree is Back! | BookPeople of Moscow with Christmas for Kids

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 - 10:00am to Friday, December 16, 2022 - 6:00pm

The Giving Tree is BACK for 2022! In cooperation with Christmas for Kids, BookPeople of Moscow is pleased to list the wish lists of a lot of children in our community who would love to receive the gift of books this season, but whose own families are not in a position to be able to afford them. YOU CAN HELP! How? See our suggestions below:

PURCHASE A GIFT CARD online and indicate in the comments field that you'd like to donate it to the Giving Tree. BookPeople of Moscow staff will use that gift card to purchase books for children on the list below. If you purchase a gift card in store - just make sure to tell the staff you're donating it to the Giving Tree.

• Look at the wish list below and choose a child for whom you'd like to shop. Choose from our holiday catalog, or simply shop for a book you already know and love. Then indicate in the comments field of your online order which recipient you want your purchase to go to. We'll make sure it gets wrapped and delivered.

• Stop by the store and browse in our delightful shelves and displays, then let us know as you check out which items are for which recipient. OR just choose books you know and love, purchase them, and allow us to match them up with children on the list. Either way works great!


1) 9 year old girl, Amelia Bedelia books (66A7)

2) 8 year old girl, Chapter books (88B7)

3) 18 year old girl, Cookbooks (79E7)

4) 8 year old girl, learning books/math, science, etc (79B7)

5) 16 year old boy, books about building/engineering/architecture (79A7)

6) 4 year old girl, Peppa Pig Books (79C7)

7) 6 year old boy, Marvel Books (79D7)

8) 14 year old girl, Journal (83A7)

9) 10 year old girl, book on rocks/fossils/crystals (83C7)

10) 8 year old girl, Disney books (83B7)

11) 2 year old girl, Learning books (62B8)

12) 11 year old boy, book about Giraffes (58C7)

13) 10 year old boy, Boxcar Children books (58B3

14) 10 year old boy, Babysitters club books (58B7)

15) 12 year old girl, Manga books (51B3) 

16) 12 year old girl, Anime books (51B7)

17) 17 year old girl, Medical/Anatomy books (51A3)

18) 17 year old girl, Romance Novels (51A7)

19) 8 year old girl, Any books  (49B7)

20) 2 year old boy, superhero books (49C7)

21) 11 year old boy, Any books (49A7)

22) 11 year old girl, Suspense Novels/Heart Stopper series (43C7)

23) 13 year old boy, Dead Endia Graphic Novel (43B4)

24) 17 year old boy, Loveless novel (43A1)

25) 17 year old boy, Alice Oseman books (43A3)

26) 10 year old boy, Any books (28B7)

27) 11 year old boy, newest "Bad Guy" series (28A7)

28) 8 year old girl, any book/likes science (26D7)

29) 9 year old boy, Any book for 3rd grader (26C7)

30) 5 year old girl, science/math books (26B7)

31) 13 year old girl, book on Crystals (26A7)

32) 6 year old girl, any books (25B7)

33) 17 year old girl, Star Wars book (25A2)

34) 17 year old girl, Poetry book (21B7)

35) 5 year old boy, Astrology book (21A7)

36) 5 year old boy, Religious stories (18B7)

37) 9 year old girl, Jojo Siwa book (18A7)

38) 14 year old girl, My Hero Academia Books (13B5)

39) 17 year old girl, Monster High Books (13A7)

40) 14 year old girl, Book Light, (13B7)

Event address: 
521 S Main
Moscow, ID 83843