Thank you for thinking of us for a donation for your fund-raising event. BookPeople of Moscow is your independent, locally-owned community bookstore. We rely completely on our local customers to shop at our store so we can stay open, pay the bills, and pay our employees. If the community supports us, we can in turn support you.

We do not make donations to individuals or families, for-profit businesses, or non-local organizations. Our first priority in giving is always for literacy, especially children's literacy, and the fine arts. We are happy to work with local non-profit organizations in various ways, but we try to avoid event-oriented donations of gift cards, certificates, and merchandise in favor of a reciprocal arrangement that will be sustainable for the long-term.

We believe in supporting the non-profit organizations, groups, and causes that our customers support. We offer an online affiliate program (click here) that earns you a 5% commission (our donation) on every sale. Our in-store affiliate program allows community members to shop locally and share a percentage of their purchases with the organization of their choice.

Here is how the in-store affiliate donation program works:

Please apply for our in-store affiliate donation program by filling out and submitting the web form on our website dropdown submenu called "Donation Request.” If you first click on Donations in the Charitable menu, and then put your cursor on the word Donations, the submenu will show up.

When we receive your application, we will add your organization into our computer system.

Once we have done that we will inform you, and from that moment on, your supporters can associate their BookPeople purchases with your group, whenever they shop, all year round. They just need to say, "please associate this with [your group]."

It will be your responsibility to let your supporters, members, and friends know about this program and how it will benefit your group. You can focus your efforts on a certain time period, or remind them periodically. We will provide you with our logo to help with your publicity.

We will award your organization a percentage of all the sales associated with you. Currently this percentage is set at 3% for gift cards or 2% for cash. You can request the funds at any time, as long as the amount due to you is more than $25. (We will not issue donation checks for less than $25.)

When the donation gift cards or check is issued, all the sales associated with your group will be zeroed out, and the process begins all over again.

Here is an example. Let's say PCEI is raising funds for a project they want to accomplish in the spring of 2015. They submit their donation request in April of 2014. We add PCEI to our computer. Customers associate their sales with PCEI throughout the year including the busy busy holiday season, and the total associated purchases reach $10,000 by March 2015. Then PCEI requests their funds. They can choose between gift cards totalling $300 or $200 cash. Their associated purchases balance goes back to $0, and they start planning for the next project they want to fund with BookPeople's help.

You'd be surprised at how fast the amounts can add up in just a few months, especially if your members and supporters are regular BookPeople customers!

We reserve the right to remove your organization from the program if purchases are not associated with your organization during the course of a one-year trial period. Organizations are welcome to apply again if they'd like a second opportunity.

Also, if you are considering hosting a special event as a benefit for a great local non-profit or charitable cause, why not let BookPeople be the venue? During your in-store book fair fundraiser, 12% of all purchases made by your attendees will be awarded in cash to whatever organization you designate as your fundraiser beneficiary. If the organization prefers store credit, the percentage awarded will be 25%.

We can accommodate events such as:




•Wine and/or beer tastings


•Open mics

•Quiz nights 

Get in touch with us via email to discuss what you have in mind and we'll work out the details with you.

Thank you!