Customer Loyalty Rewards

Participating in Customer Loyalty Rewards is super easy and you don't even have to carry around a little card in your wallet. Just give us your name and we'll enter it into our point of sale system. Then, whenever you shop, remind us of your name, and we'll make sure your purchases are credited to you. Whenever you've reached the point of having spent $150 on regularly priced eligible merchandise (mostly just books), you are awarded a 15% off discount on your next shopping trip. Then it starts over accumulating sales towards your next Customer Loyalty Reward.

Our point of sale software tracks the program for us. It is not a manual process, and our staff does not have the discretion to apply your loyalty discount manually. The loyalty discount is a customer perk, not an entitlement. We reserve the right to alter the program or eliminate it at any time should it become too much of a hassle for us or if it is the object of angst or abuse. We try to let you know when we see the POS notification pop up that you'll have a discount the next time you're shopping, but sometimes we miss seeing it. We encourage you to enjoy the loyalty discount when it shows up for you; it's a lovely surprise!

Nothing in our point of sale system expires. So even if it takes you a year to get up to having spent $150, or only a month, your Customer Loyalty Reward discount will be there for you once you've earned it. Once you've used it, the discount goes away until you've accumulated another $150 in sales.

If you spend more than $150 at a time, anything over $150 goes towards your next discount. For instance, if you spend $300 in one go at BookPeople, you will earn two 15% discounts for your next 2 shopping trips.

Please note that if you have earned a Customer Loyalty discount, and you choose not to use it on your next eligible purchase, perhaps because you want to save it for a bigger purchase you have in mind, purchases made in the meantime can not be credited to you. The point of sale can't save a Customer Loyalty Rewards discount for which you are eligible for future use while at the same time crediting new purchases to you. Please don't ask us to do this - the computer simply can't do it.

You are not required to join the Customer Loyalty Rewards program! If you, like several of our customers, are so loyal that you don't want us to ever give you a discount - but just want to go into the annals of the most beloved and selfless customers ever who helped preserve a cultural institution for the good of the community and future generations of readers - then please, just let us know, and we'll make sure you're not part of the program. Yes, there are customers who choose never to take a discount, and there's a special place for them in our hearts!