Consignment Program

BookPeople of Moscow is pleased to support local authors and artists by offering a consignment program. Accepting books and other items on consignment allows us to carry and feature a wider variety of books and gifts, including independently published and print-on-demand titles.

Books must meet the requirements described below in the guidelines. Non-book items such as jewelry or greeting cards must be evaluated and approved by BookPeople's managerial staff before being accepted for consignment.

Once you have read all of the information available here and either had your items approved by management for consignment (non-books only) OR purchased one of our tiered consignment packages (for books only; one package per title, you may not consign multiple titles with only one package), please download, fill out, sign, and deliver the consignment agreement (PDF at bottom of this page), again, one agreement per title. Please fill in blanks as required; we will contact you if additional information is needed.  Please bring the signed consignment agreement and your books/items into the store or ship them to us at your own expense.  

Please do not call or try to talk in person with staff in regard to consignment issues as we are busy helping bookstore customers; an email to bookpeople at is the best way to reach us about all consignment matters. Thank you!

General Consignment Information and Guidelines

(see full details on consignment agreement)

  • BookPeople of Moscow pays 60% for consignment items sold. BookPeople retains 40% as sales commission.

  • Authors who participate in our consignment program at any level, who have a website, MUST provide a link to BookPeople of Moscow's website that appears first, BEFORE any link to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. No consignment book will be accepted until this link appears on the author's website. Authors who have a Facebook page are also required to "like" BookPeople of Moscow's page, and we will reciprocate.

  • The basic handling fee for consignment books through the Bronze program is $20. The fees for the Silver and Gold programs are higher.

  • We will initially take 5 copies of each consignment title. You provide copies of your book, a critical review or description of your book in approximately 50 words, and a JPEG image of the book cover (Silver and Gold consignment packages only). This description and JPEG must be submitted via the email address provided on the consignment form.Your book will not appear on our website until we have this information.

  • BookPeople of Moscow agrees to stock books and other items on consignment (when accepted) for a 3-month period at minimum.

  • At the end of the consignment period, BookPeople of Moscow will send any payment accrued from sales to an address that the consignee provides. We will also send back at the consignee's expense any unsold items or hold them for pick-up for 30 days, or will contact the author/artist to renew the agreement. Books that are unclaimed by the consignee after 30 days will be donated to a charity. Whether or not we renew the consignment agreement is solely at our discretion. Number of copies or items sold is one factor we will take into account, but definitely not the only one.

  • BookPeople of Moscow will only pay for items that were sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignee.

  • BookPeople of Moscow is proud to carry consignment books as part of our overall inventory. As such, we hold consignment books to the same high standards as the rest of our book inventory. All consignment books must be bound with legible titles on the spines (children's books and particularly thin books are exempt). They must also be proofread and free of typographical errors.

  • Our tiered consignment packages for book consignments help pay for the administrative and promotional expenses incurred with the dozens of consignments we handle every year. 

  • We are great at selling books, but we don't know much about publishing them. Therefore we don't review manuscripts or offer advice on publishing manuscripts. If you're looking for information on writing a book, check out our great selection of books on writing, and for information on publishing we recommend The Writer's Market. For self-publishing, the program at Ingram Spark has much to recommend it.

  • Please note: consignments are removed from the sales floor annually for store inventory purposes.  All consignment agreements are temporarily on hold during that time.


Consignment Packages

Bronze (basic) - $20 

  • Feature your book face-out on one of our prominent displays for at least 3 weeks.
    Please note that it may take 3-4 weeks to be placed on display; the consignment period does not begin until the book has been displayed.
        To purchase the Bronze Package please click here.


Silver - $40 

  • Feature your book on our prominent front entrance display for at least 3 weeks.

  • Feature your book in our weekly email update and on our Facebook page.

  • Present your book on the Local Authors page of our website for at least 60 days. 

  • Enable people to buy online for the entire time your book is at stock.
    Please note it may take 4-6 weeks to be featured in the email update and on our website, at which time the consignment period officially begins.
        To purchase the Silver Package please click here


Gold - $75 

  • Offer everything in the Silver consignment package PLUS 

  • A book signing event with 2-3 or more other local authors as part of a Local Author event, scheduled solely at our discretion. If we are not able to accommodate your desire for an event or find a mutually agreeable time for the event, we will refund to you the difference between the Silver and Gold packages.
       To purchase the Gold Package please click here.