Celebrate 50 Years of BookPeople of Moscow in 2023!

BookPeople of Moscow was founded in 1973 and has been your favorite local independent bookstore ever since. We are going to celebrate our 50th birthday throughout 2023 with a variety of special giveaways, author events, in-store and on-line promotions, and some surprises yet to be announced!


GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! On the last day of each month of 2023, we will do a drawing for two $50 store gift cards. To enter the drawing, just shop in person at the store and get a ticket for that month's drawing every time you spend more than $25. Winners will be announced on our website only by ticket number so be sure to check the website to see if you won! (Tickets are good for the current month's drawing only, they will not carry over from month to month.)


REGULAR WEEKLY STORYTIMES RETURN! We are bringing back our regular weekly story times in 2023, which will be limited to up to 6 toddlers/preschoolers and their caregivers per story time, due to space constraints. Watch this website to learn how to sign up to reserve your spot each week.

•BOOKPEOPLE BOOK CLUB! At various times throughout 2023, members of staff will lead book group discussions, open to members of the public. Book group admission  will be included in price of the book. Titles, dates and times, book group leaders, how to sign up, all TBA.

BIRTHDAY CAKE! We'll be hosting a birthday open house with cake sometime in autumn of 2023. Time and date TBA.


•ICE AGE FLOODSCAPES | Bruce Bjornstad - The scale of destruction by repeated, cataclysmic Ice Age megafloods in the Pacific Northwest is far beyond any event of modern times. The evidence is clearly written across the multiple scarred landscapes of the region. However, the enormity of these events is often hidden if only examined at close range. Thus, aerial surveys often provide the best perspectives for studying megaflood events and the features they left behind. Thanks to recent advances in remote-controlled drone technology, we now have a useful and relatively inexpensive new tool in which to comprehend and appreciate the incredible power and magnitude of these earth-changing events. Join us for a video presentation and talk with geologist author Bruce Bjornstad, at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Center, date and time TBA.

ARTWALK | BEAUTIFUL WOUNDS | Timothy Connor - Carved and scoured by catastrophic floods at the end of the most recent ice age, the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington State dazzle with their harsh beauty and the diversity of their natural features, including great waterfalls, sprawling canyons, and cinematic palisades. In this pictorial love letter to the region, writer and photographer Timothy Connor expertly combines stunning images, engaging field notes, historical narrative, and a touching personal sojourn. His photography captures the sweeping horizons, braided wetlands, and vibrant wildlife, while his words examine the once-mystifying landmarks of the area through the story of J Harlen Bretz, the geologist who, in the 1920s, first suggested that massive floods formed the Scablands’ epic cataracts and inexplicably deep lakes. Incorporating the poignant story of Connor’s own journey of grief, Beautiful Wounds offers a moving, visual tribute to the enduring power of nature and the healing power of time. Thursday, June 15, 2023, beginning at 4pm during ArtWalk.






More to come!