Can't Buy Our Love

The relationship between a bookseller and a reader is based on trust and mutual understanding. When we recommend a book to you, we truly believe in it. We carefully choose the books that we stock on our shelves, display prominently, or feature in the window, on our website, or in a newsletter. While occasionally publishers offer us incentives to do so, we only accept these incentives if we already love the books. We NEVER express enthusiasm about a book or give it special attention or try to sell it to you simply because a publisher is paying us to do so.

Therefore, we do not accept payments for featured publisher displays. If we focus on a particular publisher for a special display, it is because we love them, it's that simple.

Publishers can't buy our love but YOU can buy books to make sure that BookPeople of Moscow stays in business. Please see this informative website and this startling brand-new study about why we encourage everyone to shop locally for all things, including for books and gifts at BookPeople.