Books 'n Brews Consignment Terms

BookPeople of Moscow is pleased to support local authors and artists by offering a consignment program for authors and artists.  The information on this page is modified from our regular consignment terms and strictly applies ONLY to authors who are participating in the Books n' Brews event as part of the Palouse Writers Festival. We are grateful to be included as vendors for this event and are pleased to partner regularly with the Palouse Writers Guild for this and other events. Thank you!

Please note: before filling out the online consignment application, you must log into the website; if you do not already have a customer account with us, you will need to create a new one. Click on the "my account" link at the top of the page to set this up.

Please do not call or try to talk in person with staff in regard to consignment issues as we are busy helping bookstore customers; an email to, to the attention of our consignment coordinator, is the ONLY way to reach us about all consignment matters. Thank you!

Consignment Requirements

  • BookPeople of Moscow pays authors 80% of the retail price that the author assigns to their books for consignment items sold. BookPeople retains 20% as sales commission. This is a special for this event only. A 60/40 split is standard in the book industry and how we normally handle consignment at the store.

  • All consignment books must be professionally bound with legible titles on the spines (particularly thin books are exempt). They must also be accurately proofread and free of typographical errors. The book must have an official 13-digit ISBN number and scannable bar code on the back cover, and the retail price must be already marked on the book. If it is not printed on the book, the copies you provide to us must have price stickers already affixed to the back cover.

  • Once you have read all of the information available here, please fill out the consignment form and submit it to us online. The link to this form is here. You may wish to make a copy for yourself. Please submit one agreement per title. Please fill in blanks as required; we will contact you if additional information is needed. The consignment forms must be submitted more than a week ahead of the Books and Brews event in order for your books to be entered into our POS system and ready for the sales event. The earlier the better, please. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

  • At the beginning of the set-up time for Books n Brews (check with the event organizer, Khaliela Wright, to know for sure what day and time this set-up begins), deliver your books to the BookPeople of Moscow sales table. Please deliver about 3 copies of each to start with, keeping a supply of more with you at your own table, ready to restock the sales table if needed.

  • It is your responsibility to market the book and event, and spread the word that your books are available at Books n Brews. Letting your friends and family know to attend is a big part of creating a successful event.

  • We run sales reports for consignment items sold on a quarterly basis. Every quarter of the year, BookPeople of Moscow will send any payment accrued from sales to the address that the consigner provides. Payment for books sold at Books n Brews in June will be in the form of a check, sometime in July.

  • At the close of the Books and Brews event, please pick up any of your unsold books from the sales table. BookPeople of Moscow will not be responsible for books that are not picked up at this time.