Rabindranath Tagore / கவியரசர் இரவீந்திர (Paperback)

Rabindranath Tagore / கவியரசர் இரவீந்திர By N. V. Kalaimani Cover Image

Rabindranath Tagore / கவியரசர் இரவீந்திர (Paperback)


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This book is about the great Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Feast of the Dead

What will you give it on that day when death knocks on the door of your life?

I will keep the jug of my life before death as my guest; I will not let the guest who came come back empty-handed.

On the last day of death knocking on the door of my life I will keep all the sweet honey of rainy days and summer nights in the presence of death; I will keep all the usefulness I have sought and sought in my life.

(Gitanjali Song-90)

Product Details ISBN: 9798885919494
Publisher: Notion Press Media Pvt Ltd
Publication Date: February 11th, 2022
Pages: 62
Language: Tamil