104 Kid-Friendly Bakes: Oven Recipes to Delight Young Chefs (Paperback)

104 Kid-Friendly Bakes: Oven Recipes to Delight Young Chefs By Freshness Whisk Palace Cover Image

104 Kid-Friendly Bakes: Oven Recipes to Delight Young Chefs (Paperback)


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This book, 104 Kid-Friendly Bakes: Oven Recipes to Delight Young Chefs, is the perfect answer for those parents who want to get their young chefs creating and baking in the kitchen. With easy-to-follow recipes designed for beginner bakers and illustrated with a step-by-step guide of each recipe, this book allows young chefs to build their confidence in the kitchen and learn to make delicious treats to enjoy and share with friends and family.

The book contains 104 mouth-watering recipes from sweet treats and savory bites, to the classic dishes kids already love. From cinnamon rolls to blackberry pies, these kid-friendly recipes will excite young chefs with their colorful ingredients, easily achievable techniques, and results that are guaranteed to please. Your kid will love creating their own chocolate chip cookies with the simple instructions in this book, plus they'll have the confidence to make their own variations on the recipes such as different flavors or decorations.

The recipes in this book are made with no complicated tools or long cooking times. Young bakers can create their favorite baked treats with just a few ingredients and minimal prep-work. The authors understand that kids have short attention spans, so they have tailored the amount of steps within each recipe to accommodate this. Kids can easily make something delicious without having to wait around for ages while it bakes in the oven.

At the same time, this book is a great resource for teaching children about baking and the basics of cooking. Featuring helpful troubleshooting guides for common baking problems and a section on understanding baking terms and measurements, young bakers can learn at the same time as they make their creations. This book is perfect for encouraging children to explore different flavors and recipes and explore the joys of baking.

In addition to the delicious recipes, the book also features beautiful photos and illustrations. Young chefs get to see what their desserts, pastries, and cakes should look like when finished, which is certain to spark additional creative ideas. This book is perfect for encouraging young chefs to discover their passions in the kitchen and express themselves through baking.

Finally, kids will be thrilled to find out that the authors have included a section on decorating cakes and cupcakes. Whether they want to make simple figures with fondant or pipe beautiful swirls of buttercream frosting, their creations will be sure to impress.

So what are you waiting for? Get baking today with 104 Kid-Friendly Bakes: Oven Recipes to Delight Young Chefs With recipes that are bound to satisfy the entire family, this cookbook is perfect for introducing children to the world of baking. Your young chefs will be proud to show off their creations on the dinner table or at the school bake sale.
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Publication Date: September 7th, 2023
Pages: 150
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