Ancestry: The Deep Field of Reality (Paperback)

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Ancestry: The Deep Field of Reality (Paperback)


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This book expands the notion of reality. Its chief aim is to bring attention to the importance, influence, and impact of the ancestors in one's existence, through the exploration of Carl Jung's writings, James Hillman's Archetypal Psychology, Bert Hellinger's profound healing insights through the Family Constellations' methodology, as well as Malidoma Some's shamanic contributions of Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies shared to the Western psyche. The approach is based on thorough research but it is also experiential, anecdotal, and inquisitive. It incorporates ideas and theoretical contributions from old Greek philosophy, phenomenology, Homeopathic medicine, Native American traditions, as well as insights from poetry. The weaving of theoretical arguments, therapeutic observations, lived experiences, and practical ideas aims to open a field of studies that can contribute directly on the ways and methods of practicing the healing arts (therapies), the different ways of knowing (epistemologies), and, ultimately, the studies of being (ontologies) and the praxis of happiness and well-being (eudaimonia).

Product Details ISBN: 9798201580506
Publisher: Quechelah Publishing
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2021
Pages: 368
Language: English