Victoria Marmot and the Road to Hell (Paperback)

Victoria Marmot and the Road to Hell By Virginia McClain Cover Image

Victoria Marmot and the Road to Hell (Paperback)


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It's the final book of the Victoria Marmot series and shit is about to go DOWN Dryer is still threatening to blow up the world, Vic has just uncovered a web of familial lies, the dragons are about to loose vengeance on MOME in devastating fashion, and Vic is sick of everyone's crap and ready blow some stuff up. Or at least, she would be, if she could get out this damned void she seems to have trapped herself in. If you've read the other four Victoria Marmot books, then you're probably dying to know what happens next. Don't let this description get in your way; just buy the book and go, go, go Everything gets resolved in the pages within.

If you haven't read the other four books... what the heck are you doing reading the back of book five? Spoilers much? Go pick up a copy of Victoria Marmot and the Meddling Goddess (or the Complete Series omnibus) and start at the beginning. It's cool.

We'll be here once you catch up.


Product Details ISBN: 9781999461225
ISBN-10: 1999461223
Publisher: Virginia McClain
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2019
Pages: 348
Language: English