Dark School (Paperback)

Dark School By Matti Silver Cover Image

Dark School (Paperback)


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Your grandfather is dead.

You travel overseas to attend his funeral and discover that you are the apparent heir to his estate and property: a mansion with a vast forest littered with ruins and grottos.

Inside his diary you discover his involvement with occult experiments and realize the domain he left you is not an inheritance at all -- it's a proving ground.

Leave behind the world you were born into and carry on his noble work. Become a worthy heir not only to his vast fortune, but to The Great Work, and restore eminence to your family name.

A great destiny awaits you; or perhaps, an untimely destruction. Follow your fate and find your path.

Once you enter, you can never go back.

You Must Choose.

Product Details ISBN: 9781989159040
ISBN-10: 1989159044
Publisher: Evw Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2019
Pages: 312
Language: English