Whither College Sports: Amateurism, Athlete Safety, and Academic Integrity (Hardcover)

Whither College Sports: Amateurism, Athlete Safety, and Academic Integrity Cover Image

Whither College Sports: Amateurism, Athlete Safety, and Academic Integrity (Hardcover)


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Intercollegiate athletics is under assault from all sides. Its economic model is yielding increasing and unsustainable deficits and widening inequality. Coaches and athletic directors are the highest paid employees at FBS universities (NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision) by factors of five to ten, or more. Athletes are being cheated on their promised education, do not receive adequate medical care, and are not allowed to receive cash income. Substantial change, either toward reasserting the intended primacy of education for intercollegiate athletes or a further surrender to commercialism, is coming. This book lays out the starkly different paths that college sports reform can follow and what the ramifications will be on the athletes and on the institutions in which they are enrolled.
ANDREW ZIMBALIST is the Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. He is the author of twenty-eight books, including books on college sports, baseball, the Olympics, and Title IX.

Product Details ISBN: 9781978828148
ISBN-10: 1978828144
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Publication Date: November 12th, 2021
Pages: 388
Language: English

“When our attentions turn to the economic, legal and political issues impacting sports, there has been no more consistently credible source than Andy Zimbalist. Whither College Sports is the latest addition to his impressive and valuable body of work.”

— Bob Costas

"Professor Zimbalist is at the top of his game with this fascinating look inside the biggest economic, social, and legal issues facing college sports in the United States. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand the multibillion-dollar college sports industry."
— Gabe Feldman

"The leading sports economist in the country lends his considerable talents to the timely titular subject, Whither College Sports, including the three phenomena that will shape the future of this uniquely American institution: ever-increasing commercialization and budget shortfalls, athletes' image-likeness rights, and sports gambling. Zimbalist's collection is a must for academics, students, and policymakers working on these issues, but also for those who love—or love to hate—college sports intelligently."

— Doriane Coleman

"Andrew Zimbalist: What's Next For College Sports?"
— Sportico

"NILs, Surrogate Markets And The Future Of College Sports"
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