Propaganda: A Master Spin Doctor Convinces the World That Dogsh*t Tastes Better Than Candy (Paperback)

Propaganda: A Master Spin Doctor Convinces the World That Dogsh*t Tastes Better Than Candy By Edward L. Bernays, William Garner (Editor) Cover Image

Propaganda: A Master Spin Doctor Convinces the World That Dogsh*t Tastes Better Than Candy (Paperback)


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Edward Bernays was a member of this massive Jesuit machine. His uncle, Sigmund Freud, was a master Jesuit manipulator who influenced Bernays in countless ways. Freud was thought to have brought out and fully developed the narcissist in Bernays, who was known to all as a "braggart."

After the success of his first book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, in 1923, Bernays furthered his research on manipulating members of our herd society. The work culminated in his second book, Propaganda. Like other Jesuit machinations, this book blatantly shoved this resurrected term propaganda right in the faces of all Americans.

It taunted people with the knowledge of how innocent people are cleverly coaxed into following the order du jour, almost always without the "patient" being aware they were being led around by a nose ring.

Bernays was a brilliant manipulator who taught his techniques to hundreds of force-multipliers who, in turn, unleashed the insidious practices on the world.

This current volume has been revamped in a number of ways: lightly edited for clarity, subheadings added to improve readability, paragraphs broken up into more managable reads, newly designed interior and cover.

Our current volume is a remake of Bernays' original book. Our version does not include commentary on Bernays' thoughts or ideas, nor is it meant to. We have preserved this man's brilliant, if not twisted, thoughts on how to manage an entire population of subservient people, using a few provocative words and phrases that crawl under the skin of our easily programmed minds.

Our hope is that this updated version of a masterpiece will be read, studied and shared by a new generation of students and casual readers. Please form your own thoughts, opinions, beliefs and hypotheses. Beyond this, our wish for you is that you use this new-found information to do some good in this world.

Bernays thrust this material into our faces nearly a hundred years ago and flaunted his jesuitical power over our subconscious mind. It is now our duty and responsibility to understand his methods so we may protest, if not counter entirely, any attempt to control our beautiful minds.

Knowledge isn't just power. Applied correctly, it all but guarantees victory in any arena.

Product Details ISBN: 9781944855369
ISBN-10: 194485536X
Publisher: Adagio Press
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 142
Language: English