Palm Reading for Everyone - An Earth Lodge Guide to Easy Hand Analysis (Paperback)

Palm Reading for Everyone - An Earth Lodge Guide to Easy Hand Analysis Cover Image
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Palm Reading for Everyone harnesses forty years of working knowledge of the hand to bring you a simple, concise and accurate guide to reading any palm. This book makes decoding the lines easy, unlike most palm reading texts that over-complicate the process and offer contradicting interpretations. Illustrations throughout the book demonstrate how to read each line in the hand, and a handy worksheet for recording clients' hands accompanies the book. Learn how to print any palm and unlock the secrets of your hand.

About the Author

Sandra Cointreau is a professional civil engineer who has worked on environmental and waste management issues in over 60 developing countries in every region of the world. Over the more than 40 years of her travel for work, she has been fortunate to meet and observe the methods of many palm readers. In parallel, throughout her life, she has actively pursued a wide range of meditation, metaphysical and intuitive skills, including energy healing, positive manifestation, and telepathy. She has used her combined skills in research, analysis, and intuition to develop this clear and simple format for palm reading. She hopes this book will enrich and bless your life and bring many affirming palm reading experiences between you and your clients.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944396039
ISBN-10: 1944396039
Publisher: Earth Lodge
Publication Date: January 8th, 2016
Pages: 76
Language: English