Anatomy for the Artist: A Complete Guide to Drawing the Human Body (Paperback)

Anatomy for the Artist: A Complete Guide to Drawing the Human Body By Jennifer Crouch Cover Image

Anatomy for the Artist: A Complete Guide to Drawing the Human Body (Paperback)


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Master the art of figure drawing with this practical drawing book, written by expert anatomical drawing educator Jennifer Crouch.

With more than 200 beautiful illustrations, Anatomy for the Artists is a comprehensive guide to drawing the human body with skill and sensitivity. Learn how the skeleton fits together, how the muscles and tendons work to support the body, how to achieve realistic skin texture and more. Each section is fully annotated with step-by-step explanations that will help you to create accurate images with ease.

Sections include:
- Drawing materials
- Shape and form
- The skeletal form
- Connective tissue, such as muscles and tendons
- Articulation and movement
- Pose, posture and expression
- The structure of hands, lower limbs, feet and the head
- Facial features and expressions

Whether you are a total beginner or looking to improve your technique, this book is the perfect reference guide for drawing the human figure.
Jennifer Crouch is an artist, teacher, researcher and make. She is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Portsmouth and is also artist-in-residence at UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI). She is the co-founder of the Art/Physics collective Jiggling Atoms and has worked with anatomists at St George's University, the Gordon Museum of Pathology and with entomologists at the Natural History Museum. She trained as a medical illustrator and is a tutor for Anatomical Drawing at Central Saint Martins in London, UK.
Product Details ISBN: 9781839406812
ISBN-10: 183940681X
Publisher: Sirius Entertainment
Publication Date: June 15th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English