Genkouyoushi Notebook: Large Japanese Writing Practice Book, Write Hiragana Workbook 200 pages Japanese Notebook with Cornell Notes Most Comm (Paperback)

Genkouyoushi Notebook: Large Japanese Writing Practice Book, Write Hiragana Workbook 200 pages Japanese Notebook with Cornell Notes Most Comm Cover Image
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Gyd schell brings you this amazingly stylish 200 pages traditional Kanji practice notebook that includes both blank Genkouyoushi paper and Cornell Notes (side-by-side) to jumpstart your Japanese learning, as you practice kanji, hiragana, and katakana and you improve your Japanese Kanji Characters and Kana Scripts mastery.

Have a Look Inside this Kanji notebook (using the Look Inside feature above) to see exactly how this customized Japanese writing system works. This Genkouyoushi Notebook for Japanese Kanji and Kana Characters Writing features:

  • functional large size 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6x28cm, A4 like), printed on white, high-quality paper
  • A cover page to write your name and info
  • 200 blank pages of Kanji Paper side-by-side with Cornell Notes, making your notes taking easier & keeping your valuable learnings with you longer
  • 100 right-hand pages of the Japanese practice notebook: genkō yōshi squares in a vertical position (Japanese manuscript paper, 200 characters per page in 10 columns) for students to practice both kanji characters and syllabic Japanese kana scripts, such as the modern cursive hiragana and angular katakana scripts.
  • 100 left-hand pages: Cornell Notes customized for taking notes, writing down each kanji character that you are practicing on your kanji notebook paper together with its definition, and including the actual dates when you have practiced writing in Japanese in order to help track your progress.
  • Genkouyoushi pages with clearly outlined large squares with four quadrants each to guide proper forms and positioning of each character element
  • Tough premium matte finish softcover with an inspiring beautiful design
  • Great for either pencils or pens (however, extra blank sheets would be needed for brush pens)

This Genkouyoushi practice book is ideal for both adults and children, beginners and intermediates, who are learning Japanese and need to practice the written language using their lined paper journals.

This Japanese Writing Book is a perfect gift for all men and women, for yourself, your friends, school or college classmates, students, or teachers, with whom you share meaningful Japanese learning journeys It's specially designed for all Japanese handwriting hiragana students to be used alongside other Japanese notebooks for school.

Grab your copy of this awesome Genkouyoushi paper notebook today and start mastering your Kanji and Kana characters, hiragana, and katakana scripts

Product Details
ISBN: 9781716284830
ISBN-10: 171628483X
Publisher: Gyduschell
Publication Date: December 29th, 2020
Pages: 206
Language: English