Morse Code For Survival: Learn Morse Code Everywhere, Letters And Numbers (Paperback)

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Entirely New and Extended Edition

Now everything you need to know about Morse code can be in your pocket

Are you a radio enthusiast? Have you always wanted know how to crack Morse code? Do you want to impress your friends with ability to encode and decipher secret messages? Are you precautionary and want to know anything that could be useful? Or maybe you are just curious what are all those dots and dashes all about?

Should you be any of those people, you will find this pocket book useful. Morse code for survival includes basic and essential information about Morse code. You will find answer on questions like what Morse code is, what was its origin, how to read and learn Morse code and how it works, and even more. Who was Samuel Morse? What was the first message in Morse code? What are Q-codes? Did the crew of Titanic use Morse code? What is the NATO Phonetic Alphabet? Those and many other curiosities awaits you in this simple and easy-to-read pocket book. That's not all: you'll also learn the Morse alphabet and how to encode and crack messages with our illustrated symbols and fun exercises to do.

You probably don't know this, but Thomas Edison used Morse code as a way of secret talking with... Well, you can find out this in our book. But maybe this fun fact will encourage you to consider using Morse code as a secret language between you and your closest friends. Imagine blinking or gesturing to your friend and only they know the message. Imagine being at a dull party together and you can spice it up a little.

Or imagine that you watch a video and you see that the person in it is weirdly, unnaturally blinking. You can instantly recognize Morse code and decipher the message as the calling for help. Know you will be able to take an action.

Of course, that kind of situation is rare, but knowing Morse code can be helpful in many other situation. Should it be trekking and getting lost or not being able to speak. You can use this simple and easy to transmit code to send a message, even with a flashlight or a whistle. And Morse code for survival will tell you how.

Morse code for survival includes: the history and creation of Morse codetips how to use and recognize Morse codea bunch of curiosities worth to know so you can surprise your friends with your knowledgegraphs and tables so that you can have Morse code in your pocket or purse wherever you are (yes, even on a party)tables with letters, ciphers and punctuationeach letter is illustrated in a way to help you memorize the symbol with its shapeexercises which will help you to practice reading symbols in Morse codeinformation about NATO, English and American phonetic alphabet

Morse code for survival is a pocket summary of essential Morse code knowledge with original illustrated method to learn and a table which will help to decipher any encoded text anywhere you'll go.

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