Penguin's Hidden Talent (Hardcover)

Penguin's Hidden Talent By Alex Latimer Cover Image

Penguin's Hidden Talent (Hardcover)


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The talent show is coming up and Penguin doesn't have a special talent to share—or does he?

All of Penguin's friends are excited about the upcoming talent show, but Penguin can't seem to figure out what he's good at. He tries juggling appliances with Bear, doing magic tricks with Rabbit, and burping the alphabet with Fox...but Penguin doesn't seem to be good at anything.

Unable to participate in the show, Penguin is left in charge of organizing the event. Without a chance at a trophy, Penguin feels very sad. But when his friends try to throw him a party to cheer him up, things don't go very smoothly. That's when Penguin discovers he might have a special skill, after all!

Author and illustrator Alex Latimer's quirky charm lights up the pages of this entertaining picture book about finding your true talent. Latimer's distinctive illustrations take the story beyond the text, adding humorous touches that will keep readers laughing on every page.
Alex Latimer lives in South Africa near the border of a national park. So when not writing or drawing, he spends his free time shooing baboons out of his lounge. He has written several picture books for children.
Product Details ISBN: 9781561456291
ISBN-10: 1561456292
Publisher: Peachtree
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2012
Pages: 32
Language: English
"Offbeat illustrations – stylized pencil drawings, digitized and then finished with color and texture – are delightfully droll. And he tucks many deadpan jokes into the story (the king's pie chart indicates the proportional ingredients of a pie, for instance). Quirky, with a side of self-esteem."—Kirkus Reviews

"Lots of goofy interpolations add sauce to the story line. . . Latimer's asides are quite funny, and the book is a standout in another category, too: not many picture books champion ordinary administrative skills."—Publishers Weekly

"There are plenty of arch asides that parents will enjoy in this droll little book, which shows that it may be the stars who shine, but it's those who provide the behind-the-scenes technical support and organizational know-how who actually put the show together."—The New York Times

"The illustrations are clean and simple, with a cool-toned palette, and lots of humor packed into them. . . This is a fun book to read, but it also carries the message that not everyone has to be good at the same things. Sometimes you really need a penguin to plan the party."—School Library Journal