Reservoir of Chinese Characters Information (Huayu Pinyin) (Paperback)

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-Systematically collects all of the characters of GBK and Unicode, including Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese as well as Variants, more than 20,000 characters, the common multiple pronunciation included; -Including Hanyu Pinyin, Huayu Pinyin, Stroke, forward and backward sequence components, associated characters, ultra fast code, GBK, Unicode, contrast between Simplified and Traditional, and multi-tone character information etc.; -All of the contents and index are in Huayu Pinyin order. Homophonic characters are arranged by strokes from less to more sequence; characters with the same amount strokes are according to the first stroke; -About Simplified and Traditional contrast, according to the order of "mainland Simplified, mainland Traditional; Taiwan Traditional; Hong Kong Traditional ." When mainland Traditional and overseas the same, omitting the mainland Traditional; -According to the historical evolution of Chinese characters, after each prefix, it is listed the contrast of 7-Style of Jin Wen, Xiao Zhuan, Li Shu, Cao Shu, Xing Shu, Kai Shu and Ming Ti; -All the polyphone characters in different syllables are collected; the polyphone characters with the same syllable but in different tones are only collected the common used tone characters.

About the Author

Author Profile: Xuesheng Gong, president of Chinese-Language Scientific Research Institute, He has long been engaging in the research of languages and lexicography and engaging in the promotion of Chinese language overseas. His works including: "Chinese Language Reunification Scheme," "Chinese Language Romanization Scheme," "Gong's Phonetic Symbols," etc., Both in China and abroad, he has applied for a series of languages, dictionaries and other aspects of the invention patents, including "Chinese Language Romanization Scheme," it got American invention Patent No. (Patent No: US 7398199). He'd once devoted forward suggestions to the State Council of the People's Republic of China a series of Chinese language unified schemes, standardized variant forms of the same character, gradually reducing the multi-tone characters etc., the relative recommendations then be transferred to the State Language Affairs Commission and the Ministry of Education of the Language Application Management. He is an editor in chief of "Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (Global Chinese version)" in Jan. 2008, and "Contemporary Chinese Character Dictionary" in June 2009, published by the Commercial Press International Co., Ltd; The "Universal Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese" published by World Book Publishing Company of Xi'an branch in August 2009.

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ISBN: 9781537657264
ISBN-10: 1537657267
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 12th, 2016
Pages: 622
Language: Chinese