Age of Saints: An Irish Historical Fantasy (Paperback)

Age of Saints: An Irish Historical Fantasy By Christy Nicholas Cover Image

Age of Saints: An Irish Historical Fantasy (Paperback)


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When every choice he makes unleashes disaster, can a young man save his sister before he loses everything he loves?

Ireland, 520. In a mystical realm where the veil between mortals and the Otherworld is thin, a young hero must navigate a treacherous journey to reclaim what he holds most dear. Conall, a courageous nineteen-year-old with a heart of gold, would defy fate itself to protect his beloved little sister. When he witnesses his wicked stepfather assaulting her, he unleashes a hidden power to enable their escape.

But their flight into the untamed wilderness brings them face to face with a harsh reality. Hunger gnaws at their bellies, and despair threatens to consume their souls. Desperate and at the edge of his endurance, Conall turns to the fae of the forest, hoping they will answer his plea for salvation. He soon realizes that the price of their aid may be more treacherous than he ever imagined.

Though well aware of the fae's capricious nature, Conall risks accepting shelter from a mystical creature, driven by his unwavering determination to heal his sister. Little does he know that his decision will anger the Faerie Queen herself, who exacts a devastating price-his sister's sight.

Now, Conall embarks on a perilous quest to undo this wicked curse. As he ventures deeper into the enchanted lands, confronting ancient beings and unraveling the secrets of the Otherworld, he grapples with his own inner demons. Will he find the strength to break the chains of destiny and reclaim his sister's sight, or will he be consumed by the darkness that threatens to devour his soul?

Age of Saints is the seventh installment of the Druid's Brooch historical fantasy series. If you crave an epic adventure, where heroes are born from innocence and wild magic dances at every turn, then immerse yourself in this spellbinding novel.

Read Age of Saints today and embark on a perilous alliance that will ignite your imagination

Each book in The Druid's Brooch series can be read in any order as a standalone historical fantasy, allowing you to embark on any mesmerizing journey that calls to your soul.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088156254
ISBN-10: 1088156258
Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English