#metoo (Paperback)

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from the soul-soothing mind of rupi, comes another beautiful collection of poetry that only kaur can pen, the writer of the decennium (Poetry Writer's Guild of Literary Arts and Achievement).
a vibrant, transcendent and heart-wrenching journey about growth and healing divided into four chapters; life, #metoo, crazy / beautiful, and tears on my pillow. each chapter serves a different purpose towards healing a different pain within us. #metoo takes readers through a journey of the most terrible moments in a woman's life and finds the strength needed within to rise again, stronger than ever, reborn from the ashes like a phoenix.

'they told her she needed to find a knight, when all she wanted was to find a sword.'

- rupi b. kaur

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087870564
ISBN-10: 1087870569
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: March 8th, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English