Disrupt Yourself: Choosing Courage Over Comfort, On Purpose (Hardcover)

Disrupt Yourself: Choosing Courage Over Comfort, On Purpose Cover Image
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This story is about the power that everyone has to inspire others, especially when we value human connection and the courage to be uncomfortable.

Morris Morrison

After performing on stages that he once dreamed about as a child, then writing Overnight Success and The Storymaker, professional speaker and entertainer Morris Morrison knew there was another story that needed to be told. After sitting in a North Carolina DMV as he waited to renew his driver's license, Morris noticed two things: first, he noticed the influx of national and international people moving to the Carolinas, and second, he couldn't help but notice the amount of people sitting with their heads looking down into their phones. After becoming obsessed with the lack of human connection in our world today, Morris Morrison's first fictional release, Disrupt Yourself, was born after he asked himself one simple question: what would happen if everyone actually talked to each other, instead of being distracted by devices.

Set in the backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina, Disrupt Yourself is about a random group of people from around the world who decided to call Charleston home. As they each gathered at the DMV during the busy Christmas season, a local reporter, a mom-to-be, a professional athlete, a celebrity and a local judge were forced to put their phones down and come together in a raw moment of humanity to help Jordan Banks make one of the most critical decisions of his life. This story will inspire readers to think differently about how we access truthful information, how we value human connection, and how we view comfort and personal discipline. This book has become one of the most unique, authentic stories ever told, with characters that grab you instantly. Disrupt Yourself is an instant classic that will be passed down through the generations.

This book will inspire you to find the courage to:

> disrupt yourself to grow

> abandon your need for comfort

> recognize and apply truthful information

> live your life on purpose, in community with others.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997158243
ISBN-10: 0997158247
Publisher: Windmill Park Media
Publication Date: April 12th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English