Real Stories from a Nuclear Submariner (Paperback)

Real Stories from a Nuclear Submariner By Alan Votta Cover Image

Real Stories from a Nuclear Submariner (Paperback)


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Real Stories from a Nuclear Submariner describes Alan S. Votta's

many experiences and memories during his twenty-four years

in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Service; including

his early days as a raw Navy recruit, attending training schools,

building several subs, going on patrols, and becoming a Naval instructor.

He has included many stories that depict the diffi culty of

the training and the intensity and responsibility of the job. There are

stories on the lighter side, which depict the many humorous day to-

day occurrences that broke the tension and offered some relief

to the severity of the task at hand, while being part of the silent

service. The author's personality and sense of humor come through

loud and clear in the stories he tells, as well as his love and respect

for his fellow submariners and the honor and pride he felt having

served in the United States Navy as a nuclear submariner. He paints

a true picture of the trials and tribulations of life onboard a sub as

the nuclear submarine service was growing in the U.S. during the

60s and 70s. Alan Votta's engaging stories will have mass appeal

to the general public, and particularly to anyone who has served

in the military.

Product Details ISBN: 9780988975750
ISBN-10: 0988975750
Publisher: AV Publishing
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English