The Sky Is My Home: The Story of Hazel Jane Raines (Paperback)

The Sky Is My Home: The Story of Hazel Jane Raines By Pamela Bauer Mueller Cover Image

The Sky Is My Home: The Story of Hazel Jane Raines (Paperback)


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From barnstormer to Georgia’s first aviatrix to a WW II WASP, Hazel Jane Raines’ unbelievable heroic life unfolds in Mueller’s newest true story.

“There is no substitute for the excitement of that instant when your plane’s wheels lift off the runway, the way your stomach slides to one side in a steep turn, or how hundreds of complex machine pieces can work together to magically lift you toward endless skies.”

The latest in Pamela Bauer Mueller's string of inspiring historical novels brings an unforgettable modern heroine to vivid life. Diminutive Hazel Raines was the first female to obtain a pilot's license in Georgia. She logged 6,400 flight hours during her 20 years of flying, including World War II, where she flew with England's Royal Air Force, because her own country was not employing female pilots. Returning to the U.S., she became a WASP, and flew until that organization was disbanded. Then she joined the Third Air Force and flew during the Korean War. When she received an opportunity to teach pilots in Brazil, she enthusiastically learned Portuguese and moved to Sao Paolo for this new adventure. Hazel joined the Women's Army Corp and eventually returned to England, embarking on top-secret missions to NATO bases across Europe. Hers was a life shaped by bravery, intelligence, and charm, as well as the political and social challenges of the day.
Pamela Bauer Mueller was raised in Oregon. She has worked as a flight attendant, commercial model and actress, English and Spanish teacher, and a U.S. Customs officer. She now lives on Jekyll Island, Georgia with her husband Michael. In her ninth historical novel, she brings to life the story of an unforgettable modern heroine—the first female pilot in Georgia. Hazel left a vivid legacy to women in aviation by helping shape our country's history in World War II.
Product Details ISBN: 9780980916379
ISBN-10: 0980916372
Publisher: Pinata Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English