Informal Logical Fallacies: A Brief Guide (Hardcover)

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Critical thinking is now needed more than ever. This accessible and engaging book provides the necessary tools to question and challenge the discourse that surrounds us -- whether in the media, the classroom, or everyday conversation. Additionally, it offers readers a deeper understanding of the foundations of analytical thought. Informal Logical Fallacies: A Brief Guide is a systematic and concise introduction to more than forty fallacies, from anthropomorphism and argumentum ad baculum, to reductionism and the slippery slope argument. With helpful definitions, relevant examples, and thought-provoking exercises, the author guides the reader through the realms of fallacious reasoning and deceptive rhetoric. This is an essential guide to philosophical reflection and clear thinking.

About the Author

Jacob E. Van Vleet teaches philosophy at Diablo Valley College in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780761854326
ISBN-10: 0761854320
Publisher: University Press of America
Publication Date: February 16th, 2011
Pages: 82
Language: English