Bach to the Future: Fostering Music Literacy Today (Paperback)

Bach to the Future: Fostering Music Literacy Today By Jarrod Richey Cover Image

Bach to the Future: Fostering Music Literacy Today (Paperback)


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So, you're a music teacher. Or perhaps you are an administrator hoping to start a music program at your school. Maybe your program is running, but you have no idea how to drive it, give it a long vision and productive implementation. Is it working? Is it doing what it should be doing? What is that goal in the first place? Or maybe you are a parent, wondering how to put your child or yourself on the path to music literacy. This book is for you.

Once a culture restores the priority of training its people in music, the task shifts to finding what type of instruction should be present in formal school education. In this book, you will find practical help in answer to this search and so much more:

  • Music as a Language
  • Four Principles for Music Literacy
  • Common Pitfalls in Music Training
  • Music Making vs. Music History
  • The Teacher as Curriculum

It's time to revive robust music training again, training that imparts great skill modeled after the Triune God who authored all truth, goodness and beauty. Whatever your role in this endeavor, this book will offer tools to again bring musicians like Bach to the Future.

Product Details ISBN: 9780692729342
ISBN-10: 0692729348
Publisher: Retune Publications
Publication Date: June 21st, 2016
Pages: 68
Language: English