Faith in Markets? Abrahamic Religions and Economics (Paperback)

Faith in Markets? Abrahamic Religions and Economics By Benedikt Koehler Cover Image

Faith in Markets? Abrahamic Religions and Economics (Paperback)


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Are religions influenced by economics? Are economics influenced by religions? If so, how - and why? Faith in Markets? charts the intersection between faith and economics in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It draws on the thoughts of Adam Smith, Emile Durkheim, Friedrich Hayek and Sir Thomas More, whilst also examining the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Collating a series of essays that first appeared in the academic journal Economic Affairs, it traces the development of Abrahamic faiths through the lens of social science and illustrates how, in the secular world, the pathways between faith and economics have diverged. It examines the frictions between modern-day social thought and religion and, crucially, asks whether these two worlds can ever re-establish links in the future.

Product Details ISBN: 9780255368247
ISBN-10: 0255368240
Publisher: Institute of Economic Affairs
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English