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"Everything Was Good-bye" by Gurjinder Basran, which released in paperback on Dec. 31st also tells the story of a young woman maturing, leaving home and trying to balance her two conflicting identities.  When we meet Meena, she is the rebellious youngest daughter of a very traditional Indian family.  Her widowed mother sees only one path for each of her 6 daughters and to veer from that path means to be cast off.  The writing is both poetic, revealing, heart wrenching and I appreciated watching Meena find her way between two vastly yet constantly overlapping worlds.   She makes the most difficult decisions and then revels and winces as her life unfolds as a result.  It takes incredible courage for her to take control of her life.  This book takes place in Vancouver, B.C. where the author lives and has a Northwest feel to the book.

— Jesica


THE YOUNGEST OF SIX daughters raised by a widowed mother, Meena is a young woman struggling to find her place in the world. Originally from India, her family still holds on to many old-world customs and traditions that seem stifling to a young North American woman. She knows that the freedom experienced by others is beyond her reach. But unlike her older sisters, Meena refuses to accept a life dictated by tradition. Against her mother's wishes, she falls for a young man named Liam who asks her to run away with him. Meena must then make a painful choice one that will lead to stunning and irrevocable consequences.
Heartbreaking and beautiful, "Everything Was Good-bye" is an unforgettable story about family, love, and loss, and the struggle to live in two different cultural worlds.

About the Author

Gurjinder Basran's debut novel, "Everything Was Good-bye," was awarded the 2011 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. She lives in Vancouver, BC.

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ISBN: 9780143186816
ISBN-10: 0143186817
Publisher: Pintail
Publication Date: January 1st, 2013
Pages: 272
Language: English