Book Fairs with BookPeople

Earn money and/or books for your organization or school by partnering with BookPeople for your book fair! 

We have always offered libraries and school districts a 20% discount on purchases. We also offer book fairs. Book fairs are a time-honored tradition in schools. Many book fairs in schools take place through a contract with Scholastic. However, we offer an alternative to Scholastic that will meet your needs and also support our local community. We can offer on-site bookfairs to schools within a 90 minute drive from Moscow, Idaho, and online and/or catalog-only bookfairs to any school anywhere. BookPeople book fairs will offer schools and organizations:

•the choice between taking bookfair sales profits either in cash or store credit (10% of sales if you take cash, or 20% of sales if you choose store credit)

•schedule your book fair to take place in January, February, or March and earn an extra 5% in store credit, to earn a total of 25% of sales

•a paper catalog and order form that you can send home with every student just before your fair begins to increase excitement and allow bookfair orders from families that won't be able to attend in person

•a wide variety of publishers and books from which to choose, such as the very high quality Dorling Kindersley, Penguin/Puffin, Barefoot Books, Usborne, Kumon, Abrams, Capstone, Sterling, and many many others, including Scholastic

•a selection of books tailored for the school or group, including books and subject areas that you specifically request

•all the most popular series and bestsellers, plus classics and other high quality choices in fiction and non-fiction that our talented buyers seek out

•a variety of price points to suit all budgets

•the ability to special order any books that sell out before the bookfair sale is done, so there is no disappointment or lost sales

•gift items and non-toxic art supplies that won’t break as soon as you buy them - or none if you don't want anything besides books

•delivery of the books to the bookfair site, support to run the sale with your staff and/or volunteers, and removal of the books after the sale is done

•ability to accept payment in cash, credit card, or check

•the comfort and convenience of working with a local store and a real person, to insure that your sale runs smoothly and any problems are resolved quickly and easily

If your school is not able to schedule a bookfair at the school itself, you can also do an in-store bookfair, during special hours set up just for your school, to earn 25% from the sales. Another option is a catalog-only bookfair, or an on-line bookfair. We would love to work with you to organize any of these types of fairs.

In addition, we offer an ongoing bookfair option called “Every Day is a Book Fair.” Any school that signs up for bookfair can participate in this program. When making a purchase, customers can indicate that they want their purchase to be credited to the school or organization of their choice, and at the end of the year (or the period chosen), the purchases applied on that account will be treated just like regular book fair sales, and the organization can then choose to take its profits on those sales in cash or store credit. The more customers who participate, the better for both our store and the organization, a truly win-win program.

Each bookfair will need 3 months lead time to schedule and organize. If you are interested in planning a BookPeople book fair, please get in touch and we will discuss your needs. Thank you!