Book Fair Details

Here are some guidelines for working with BookPeople for your book fair. These are meant to supplement the official book fair contract that we will provide to you upon request.

1) Please compile wish lists for each teacher's classroom (no more than about 6 - 10 per teacher), your library etc. and email those to us, with school, teacher and grade labeled, at least 30 full days before your book fair is scheduled. We will do our best to get at least some and maybe all of those books in for the fair, depending on availability.

2) Please give us an idea of the amount of floor space available and how many tables you will be using for the fair. Make sure there is plenty of room for circulating. We have done up to 18 tables but have found that around 12 tables is usually plenty. We will have one person delivering books and helping set up and tear down the fair, so the school should round up 3 to 4 volunteers to assist with set up and tear down, and request school maintenance assistance with setting up tables.

3) Having a big event during the fair on one evening (ice cream social) or during a lunch period (bring your parent or your grandparent), or, conversely, holding the book fair only during conferences when school is out, works great. During regular school hours, aside from just after drop off and just after pickup, it is difficult for most parents to get to the fair, and we don't recommend the fair being open all day long. If you'd like the students to have a day to preview, we can set up the fair a full day ahead of when it will actually be open, and librarians, teachers, or other school staff can take the students through to see what is available. Our staff will not need to be present for supervised preview periods. We can also provide a box of preview books to librarians, these books will then go back into the fair to go on sale when it begins. Providing a preview and sales period before the fair begins just for staff and teachers is a very good idea, especially if they have POs approved already for book purchases.

4) The school must provide adult supervision at all times for any students who will have access to the book fair. Our staff is only available to answer questions and handle transactions, and it is not possible for us to do that and monitor the students at the same time. If the fair is to be set up for multiple days, the location should be securable overnight. If this is a problem please discuss with us and we can see what might be worked out.

5) We require 2 tables for our checkout set up, with easy access to electricity. We also really appreciate good wireless internet connections, and prefer not to use a public or guest account (these tend to boot you out after 30 minutes and require you to sign in over and over again) as long as a school account is available. Please help us by making sure whoever knows how to work with the internet at the bookfair site is available and easy to reach, and preferably, that we have an opportunity to check the wireless connection on our laptops and make sure all works well, and then consult with IT folks if not, a few days before the event.

6) We have a book fair fund that allows us to provide your school with some $10 book fair bucks (approximately 10 to 12 per school), that can be used by students who might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a book. It is at the school's discretion how to distribute these to those who need it.

7) This is how we figure the proceeds of your book fair. We take the sales reports from the event and add them up if they are from multiple days. We then substract out the sales tax collected, and we also subtract out any sales that were made to teachers who used their teacher discount. This total is the gross sales. You can choose to earn either 20% of the gross in store credit, or 10% in cash. Please note: while schools and institutions normally have a 20% discount when purchasing books from Bookpeople (with some exceptions), when you are using your bookfair credit, you do not also receive a 20% discount on top of that. To clarify: regular retail price will be charged on merchandise and books when you are shopping with your book fair proceeds.

Thank you!