Book Clubs

We love our local book clubs!

Book clubs whose members agree to purchase their books at BookPeople - and let us know ahead of time how many copies they will need of upcoming titles - will receive a 15% discount on their bookclub picks.

To receive the discount (if it is available - certain books are not discountable), please submit your book club title using this form.

We must be informed about the book choice ahead of time and there must be several people committed to purchasing the book at BookPeople in order for the discount to apply.

Please note that if no one from the club contacts us about an upcoming book, book club members should not be surprised if the store does not have the book on hand and the discount is not given. Our staff is wonderful, but sadly, we are not mind readers.

Book club books will be on the special bookclub shelves in the front of the store. We will not reserve copies behind the counter for bookclubs as a group, however, we will always reserve a copy for any book club member who contacts us individually, for herself. Book club leaders do not know for sure that their members are going to purchase a book from us even if they said they would, and too often a pile of books that someone is supposedly going to purchase just sits there, homeless. Thank you for understanding.