Book Clubs

We love our local book clubs!

Book clubs whose members agree to purchase their books at BookPeople - and let us know well ahead of time- will receive a 15% discount (if it is available - certain books are not discountable) on their book club picks.

To receive the discount, please submit your book club title using this form after reading our terms below.

We must be informed about the book choice ahead of time and there must be several people committed to purchasing the book at BookPeople in order for the Book Club discount to apply. The more notice you give us for your book club picks, the better we'll be able to have them in stock for you. Our personal recommendation is a month before you intend to start reading.

We will only reserve copies behind the counter for book clubs as a group with a partial deposit for half the books ordered or full prepayment.  Book club leaders often have a general idea of how many members would like to purchase through us, but do not know for sure that their members are going to follow through on this promise. Too often this results in a pile of books left here at the store for our staff to hand sell or return, and we’d like to make sure all our books get to good homes!

If a book club member contacts us individually we are more than happy to reserve a copy under their name, instead of their book club’s name. 

Please note that if no one from the club contacts us about an upcoming book, book club members should not be surprised if the store does not have the book on hand and when the discount is not given. Our staff is wonderful, but we’re not mind readers.

We will shelve any unpaid books on our store floor after two notifications. All paid books will stay on our pick up cart and will get a notification once a week as a reminder.

Thank you for understanding.