Year Round Beach Reads

By Bre Pickens

There may be some of you who are wondering: what exactly is a beach read? Any book can be a beach read but the quintessential beach read will be one that is easy, light hearted, fun, and typically has ~romance~. It’s a book that’s easy to put down and pick back up, with minimal reminders needed for what just happened making it the ultimate travel companion. Some alternate names may include easy reads, light reads or airplane books.

BookPeople of Moscow’s 7 Favorite Artisanal Chocolates

Being based in a small arts town, BookPeople of Moscow has a strong connection with that which is artisan, and boutique. We carry all sorts of interesting products, such as candles, pins, calendars, and specialty mugs. But for me, the most important non-book product carried at BookPeople is the chocolate. During the pandemic, I was doing my coursework online and as such, I returned to Moscow and resumed working at BookPeople. During this time, I realized my fascination with their chocolate. I found that I absolutely loved boutique chocolate.