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BookPeople of Moscow Author Signing Events 
What can I expect at the store?
Since we are short on space here at the store, we do not have any large area where people can sit to listen to a talk or have a reading or Q&A session. So for most author events we are limited to author signings which consist of “come and go” type events by setting up a small table outside or inside the store, depending on weather, where people can chat and get a book signed. For larger author events arranged with us by a major publisher or by UI/WSU with an expected attendance of more than 35 to 50 people, we work with other local venues such as the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre and the 1912 Center, which charge us rental fees and for their staff time. We normally request reimbursement for these fees; larger publishers have budgets for this, sometimes universities have funds they can access, sometimes authors without these resources find a sponsor or pay out of pocket.

What are the best days to schedule an event?
Friday & Saturday are often the busiest days at the store. So to help get the best possible exposure for your book we try to schedule events on either of those two days. During farmers market season, Saturday mornings between 10am and noon are the best. We do not normally schedule author event signings in November and December. Author readings at other venues organized as part of our author reading series in the fall and spring, with major publishers and with UI/WSU, are normally on Wednesday evenings but we can be flexible, especially for all-ages events which we try to hold on Saturdays.

How long will the signing be?
Our typical author signing events last about 2 hours. We regularly schedule them from 10 am to 12 pm for farmers market events. This is usually the best time of the day to see the most people. However, we are flexible and will schedule at other times if that works out best. 

How many books should I bring?
Over the years, we have found that authors sell between 2 and 30 books for a signing here at the store. It would be quite rare to sell more than that. Depending on the subject matter of the book and the community interest level, it is possible that you won’t sell any books on signing day. However, sometimes people return to buy or order the book at a later date. 

How do you handle the books?
If your book is self-published we will most likely sell the books for you on consignment. This will be discussed with you when we're arranging your event. Authors who are bringing books to the event to be sold on consignment (see consignment information here) should fill out and submit the consignment form online if you haven't already (no need for a paper copy) and drop off books (they must be priced) for the event a week in advance with your contact information included. The staff will confirm with you how many copies of the book have been dropped off. During the event, customers who wish to purchase a book may come to the front counter to buy their copy, then return to the signing table to get it signed and/or personalized.  The computer will keep track of how many books sell that day, and at the end of the month we will write you a check for your cut of the sales of the books.

If we are able to get the books from your publisher or from a wholesaler we reserve the right to order directly from them rather than selling on consignment. We'll confirm whether the books are to be on consignment or purchased from your publisher or a wholesaler when we set up your event.

How does promotion work for the event?
We find that the best author signing events are ones where the author has built an audience and/or a following prior to holding a book signing event. However, we will help promote your event by asking you to fill out an author event form with the information we need. Then, we will:
1) Put up announcement posters/flyers in the store, if you provide them to us, at least a week prior to the event day. If you decide to produce posters/flyers, please request our logo for inclusion on them.
2) Post your event to our web site events page. If you post your event on your website and social media, please share the links with us at the email below, and we can post on our social media as well.
3) Have staff members talking to customers whenever possible about the upcoming event, when time and circumstances allow.

For author’s part, we suggest promoting your event on your web site and social media accounts as well as contacting the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and Lewiston Tribune newspapers. We have found that there is a good response when your event is listed in the newspaper. Personally inviting your friends, family, and acquaintances is also recommended. Depending on the book and subject matter, sometimes the newspaper will further cover your book by writing a newsworthy article. For author reading events arranged with us by a major publisher, we send press releases to all regional media as well as doing numbers 1 - 3 above.

A few more things: Books are normally signed or inscribed on the title page. Don't forget to bring the pen you want to use for signing!

To discuss a possible book signing event, please contact: