Author Event How To

We love hosting author events.

If you are a publicist or editor from a major publishing house or a high-quality small press, or an author that is published by a major publishing house or high-quality small press, and wish to inquire about scheduling an author event at our store, please contact us at Please DO NOT CALL as we are trying to help our customers in the store and will not be able to give your over-the-phone proposal the attention it deserves.

If the author is not widely known or you are not sure that we already know about the author, please tell us clearly in your email why you believe there would be local interest and a local market for the author's book.

Our seating capacity is about 50 people, plus more room for standing. We have a podium and a microphone and small amplifier. We also have a projector and a screen, and a big t.v. with DVD player. We must be notified in advance about a/v needs.

In general, there is a rhythm to author events scheduling. Spring and fall are our prime event seasons. We are too busy during these prime event seasons to look much ahead to the future or respond to every inquiry, so we work on organizing our fall schedule of events in the summer, and our spring events just after the holidays in January. If you email us outside of those times your email will probably be filed away for future consideration and we will respond when we are working on the schedule if we are interested. We generally do not schedule author events to take place during July and August, or November and December.

If you live locally and wish to speak with us about an author event, please email us with basic info about the author and your event request. If an in-person meeting is necessary or desirable we will set up a time to meet with you. If all the details can be handled satisfactorily via email, we will continue to correspond via email. Unless we have contacted you first or expressed enthusiastic interest in scheduling an event with you or with an author you represent, PLEASE be respectful of the fact that at the store our staff is trying to help customers who are buying books and handle the daily tasks of running the bookstore, and probably will not have time to talk with you for more than a moment.

If you are a self-published author who does not have a connection to the Palouse, please do not contact us in regard to an author event. While we know there are great self-published books and sell several of them in our store, due to the quantity of author events inquiries that we receive, we will not be able to respond to emails or calls from self-published authors who are not near us. However, if you need assistance locating a good bookstore near your home that you can approach for an author event, please let us know via email and we'll see if we can give you some good suggestions.

If you are a self-published author and are interested in having us stock your book please see "Author's Corner" on the Info menu.

Thank you!