Welcome to BookPeople of Moscow!

The holiday Giving Tree for Books is up and ready to go! All books will be picked up for the recipients on December 14. Thanks to everyone who has already shopped for a tag!


BookPeople of Moscow has been the Palouse region's favorite independent bookstore since 1973. Locally-owned and operated, BookPeople of Moscow features a variety of high-quality fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages, a wide selection of gifts, journals, puzzles, calendars, greeting cards, and certified bean-to-bar chocolate. BookPeople of Moscow staff members pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, and we are proud to contribute to the cultural life of our community by hosting author events and serving as a community meeting place. Thank you for supporting your local bookstore.



The New York Times is back as of 11/11!! Copies are set aside for our prepaid subscribers as usual and there is a limited number of issues that we can sell on a first come first serve basis. Subscribers, please see the following note:


Hello faithful New York Times subscribers:

As you know we had a change in New York Times dealership this fall and an interruption in service for almost a month. You patiently waited and we were fortunate that the paper found a new, reliable dealer.

We’re thrilled to have the paper again on a daily basis. However, due to the change in dealership and the terms by which we carry the paper, BookPeople of Moscow can no longer offer a discount off the paper’s stated cover price, starting January 1. This means it will not be feasible for us nor advantageous for you to offer a prepaid subscription for the paper any longer. We’ll have the paper every day as usual, and you will be able to buy it at the cover price, which is the same price that we pay for it.

I know that it has been super convenient to not have to dig around in your pockets for cash for the paper each day. Therefore, I will be working out a way for you to have store gift cards kept handy at the store for you to use for your paper purchase, if you desire. Some people keep gift cards in their wallet for this purpose, too, and that’s another option.

In any case, I will be giving you a gift card with your refund on it from the month of the paper that you missed in October, plus a little bonus to say thank you for your faithful support for the paper and my store all these years. I will be preparing these gift cards and handing them out to you over the next week. It can be used for future paper purchases or used on store merchandise, whatever you like.

Thank you again, happy holidays, and all the best in 2019! Your faithful bookseller,


We may be a small independent bookstore but that is all the more reason to do all your book pre-orders with us! We report our sales to the New York Times so your purchase through us can have a big impact on the success of a particular title. And, often we'll have special signed editions or exclusive giveaways available only through independent booksellers.

We'll keep posting upcoming releases here, so check back often. These books can be ordered through our website here or you can also call us on the phone, or visit us in person. And just FYI, it's our policy to collect full prepayment for preorders; it's the best way for us to serve you consistently and reliably.

Thank you for supporting your local indie bookstore!