Welcome to BookPeople of Moscow!

BookPeople of Moscow has been the Palouse region's favorite independent bookstore since 1973. Locally-owned and operated, BookPeople of Moscow features a variety of high-quality fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages, a wide selection of gifts, journals, puzzles, calendars, greeting cards, and certified bean-to-bar chocolate. BookPeople of Moscow staff members pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, and we are proud to contribute to the cultural life of our community by hosting author events and serving as a community meeting place. Thank you for supporting your local bookstore!


We may be a small independent bookstore but that is all the more reason to do all your book pre-orders with us! We report our sales to the New York Times so your purchase through us can have a big impact on the success of a particular title. And, often we'll have special signed editions or exclusive giveaways available only through independent booksellers.

We regularly post upcoming releases here, so check back often. These books can be ordered through our website here or you can also call us on the phone, or visit us in person. And just FYI, it's our policy to collect full prepayment for preorders; it's the best way for us to serve you consistently and reliably.




Thank you for supporting your local indie bookstore!


BookPeople of Moscow kid lit specialist Eija is available to help you find books for all the younger readers in your life, from babies and toddlers up to tweens and teens. Get her advice by emailiing Eija at bookpeoplekidlit AT gmail.com.


2020 Winter Break

BookPeople of Moscow will be closed for business between December 25, 2020, through January 1, 2021. During this time our website will be fully operational as usual for shopping  and submitting orders online, but we are going to pause and give the staff a paid vacation and a week-long break from working with the public after a very stressful year. We appreciate all your support and especially encourage our loyal customers to consider that "October is the New December" and do your best to shop early and shop local. Remember we still offer curbside pickup, free delivery on Thursdays each week, and online access 24 hours a day. It will help us keep our safety protocols in place to protect you and the store staff throughout the fall and winter. Thank you!


October and November are the New December!

We all usually love the hustle and bustle of a busy store during the festive holiday season. This year, we simply won't be able to do that for safety reasons. Another factor to consider this season is problems for supply and delivery due to natural disasters, post office slowdowns, and continuing pandemic safety protocols around the world. We really recommend shipping holiday presents to loved ones before ThanksgivingSo please, shop early! We don't want you to have to wait outside on the sidewalk until another customer finishes up! Our holiday books, cards, bean to bar chocolate, advent calendars, and fun gifts and stocking stuffers are arriving daily. The store is full of books, socks, Christmas cards, mugs, candles, puzzles, and other gifts. Also, we will continue to provide free delivery in Moscow, Pullman, and Palouse throughout the season. Thank you for your support!


Ordering and Shipping

A note about ordering from us via our website, in-store, on the phone, or via email: we handle your orders individually and with care. We have many thousands of books in stock but will very often need to order your books in; this is a major part of what we do each day. We place orders almost every day from our suppliers and publisher vendors. When the books arrive, we will notify you and then handle the order accordingly, preparing it for in-store pickup, curbside pickup, delivery, or shipping.

When you look at a title on our website and it says "We can get this book for you, usually within 1 or 2 days," that means the book will most likely arrive in our store in that amount of time, but not always. The books' arrival speed to our store depends on their availability and location. Sometimes nation-wide demand for certain books is so high that publishers have to reprint titles and everyone, even the big guys, has to wait for the reprint for weeks before the books can be shipped. Sometimes books are only available used from other book dealers. Our shipping options for delivering books to other locations, shown in the checkout process on this website, list average, estimated delivery speeds starting from when we ship the books out from our store to you or the intended recipient, not from when you place your order. 

If your book order contains several books to be shipped, we will ship them together once they have all arrived. If some of the books take longer to arrive than others, we will hold the order until it is complete before it is shipped, and will notify you of any unexpected delays and figure out how best to handle this with you. If you are picking your books up in the store or they are being delivered locally, partial orders are no problem; you can pick up or we can deliver whatever has arrived. If you are concerned about your order to be shipped being delayed because of one book taking too long to arrive, we can help you by splitting the order up for an extra shipping fee. Or, you can divide the order yourself. For instance, if you are ordering a book that has a future publication date, and also want to order items to be shipped ASAP to your friend, do the preorder separately to save on delays. 

Books that are in our supplier's West Coast warehouses will arrive within a couple of days via UPS and a Spokane ground freight company; books that must come from other book dealers or from our supplier's East Coast warehouse will take around ten days to arrive via FedEx ground. Freight delays have been more common during the pandemic due to social distancing and other safety protocols at warehouses, post offices, and shipping depots, and also due to delayed publication dates and printing slowdowns. We are always happy to look up the tracking when available for your books if you are concerned; please just ask. Thank you!


Safety Protocols During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are open!

Cases of COVID-19 are high in Idaho and skyrocketing in Pullman, Washington, just 8 miles away. To enter our store, you MUST follow these safety protocols to protect our employees and customers. Customers who refuse are welcome to shop online or via phone instead. If you refuse, we will ask you to leave. If you do not leave when requested, we will call the police for assistance. Thank you!

  1. Wear a mask. We will provide one (as supplies last) if you do not have one.

  2. Use hand sanitizer when you enter.

  3. Stay behind the red velvet rope at the front counters.

  4. Maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and other customers and staff.

  5. Place handled merchandise that you are not purchasing in designated locations for sanitizing.

  6. No children under the age of 8 unless they are in a stroller or in your arms.

  7. No more than 12 customers in the store at a time.



Browsing Pages

The staff has added browsing pages and recommendations for you to make it fun to pick out new books for you and the family. Please check them out. When you click on "Browse" in the menu bar above, you'll get a generic browse page, but then if you put your cursor back on the "Browse" item in the menu bar, you'll see a long drop-down menu of all the pages we've been creating for you.


Children/Teen Recommendation Hotline and Email

Do you have grandchildren you'd like to shop for but aren't sure what they might like? Are you a parent with kiddoes clamoring for new books to read? Either here on the Palouse or elsewhere in the country? We can prepare you a customized selection, according to their ages and interests! You can pick them up, or we can ship or deliver them for you. Email our children's lit expert Eija, at bookpeoplekidlit@gmail.com, or call the store at 208 882 2669.


Can't Buy Our Love

The relationship between a bookseller and a reader is based on trust and mutual understanding. When we recommend a book to you, we truly believe in it. We carefully choose the books that we stock on our shelves, display prominently, or feature in the window, on our website, or in a newsletter. While occasionally publishers offer us incentives to do so, we only accept these incentives if we already love the books. We NEVER express enthusiasm about a book or give it special attention or try to sell it to you simply because a publisher is paying us to do so.

Therefore, we do not accept payments for featured publisher displays. If we focus on a particular publisher for a special display, it is because we love them, it's that simple.

Publishers can't buy our love but YOU can buy books to make sure that BookPeople of Moscow stays in business. Please see this informative website https://ilsr.org/initiatives/independent-business/ and this startling brand-new study http://www.civiceconomics.com/empty-storefronts.html about why we encourage everyone to shop locally for all things, including for books and gifts at BookPeople.